About Shelly

For Shelly Maguire, growing up was something her doctors thought was not possible.

At the age of 12, Shelly was diagnosed with the incurable disease of Cystic Fibrosis.

She was told that she only had a life expectancy of age 18.

At 12 years old this meant Shelly had only six more years to live!

After outliving that life expectancy of 18 she became interested in health and wellness to help combat her disease. This quest eventually led her to the beauty industry where she went on to own and operate three high – end salon and spas.

Shelly then developed her own brand of skin care, which she sold on live HSN (Home Shopping Network) television for close to a decade, as well as television infomercials and international appearances. But she didn’t stop there . . .

Over the last 30 years Shelly’s entrepreneurial endeavors include owning various franchises, start up companies, and developing global skin care brands for several network marketing companies. All that while at the same time inspiring others to beat the odds and take control of their own lives.

Shelly has worked with thousands of women and men over the years in all types of business to help them reach new heights of success. Through her International radio show, and her published book “Dancing in the Storm,” Shelly has chronicled her life-long battle with Cystic Fibrosis  – but also her challenges and victories in the world of business. This, in turn, has helped thousands to reach their own personal goals and dreams.

Now at 57, Shelly is using her very own “5 Principles of Daily Life” to empower female entrepreneurs to fuel their passion, to build a fulfilling and profitable lifestyle and to gain the freedom of being an entrepreneur! Are you ready to beat the odds and take control?